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Can I use my existing list of contacts?

This page helps you determine whether you can use your list with our email marketing service.
You may want to also view the overview of our terms in addition to our full terms of service.

I purchased a list of high quality opt-in contacts

No. We do not allow any form of paid or rented list. It does not matter if the seller claimed it was opt-in nor how much you spent on the list. Paid lists are not allowed in any form.

I have a subscription form on my web site where users can subscribe

Yes. This is a great way to build your list and perfectly legitimate way of doing so. If you have a list of contacts who filled out a form and verified their subscription then you can import them into our software. We will not require additional verification when you import as we trust you have done so.

I am moving from another email marketing service provider

Yes.If you are moving from another provider you can import your list. You must of course still ensure that the list was opt-in and follows our terms.

I setup a computer or mobile device at a trade show (or any event) where people can subscribe for updates

Yes.This is ok and is a great way to build your list and ensure that your contacts are fully verified. You can setup a computer, iPad, or any mobile device that shows your subscription form. Then when people enter their information they can start the opt-in process and you can ensure a high-quality list.

I collected business cards at a trade show event

No. If you collected business cards at a trade show it is likely OK to contact them but they have not given you permission to add them to a mailing list that you may email over time. We suggest to contact such people using your normal email client vs an email marketing service. You can mention your newsletter (and include a link to your subscription form) when you contact them to see if they wish to receive emails from you in the future.

I have a list of customers who have purchased a product or service from my company

Maybe. You can email your past customers who have made a purchase as long as their latest purchase was within the last 12 months. Any longer than that and they will not expect your email and may not remember you.

I collect business cards at my restaurant or store

Maybe. If you are clearly saying that by putting their business card in your container (or however you collect them) that they will receive promotional emails and updates then this is ok. If they think they are only entering for a free meal (or other incentive) then this is not ok.

I have a client that I wish to send emails for. I would be emailing on behalf of my client and to my clients customers

Maybe. As long as their list of contacts was collected properly and is acceptable (as stated on this page and in our terms) you will likely be fine. If they encounter high abuse/bounces it means they do not have an acceptable list and your account will likely go under review.

I obtained a list of email addresses from my local chamber of commerce (or other organization)

No. You need to have explicit permission from every contact that you are able to send them email. A list from an organization such as a chamber of commerce, industry specific organization, etc. is no different than a paid list. The contacts have not given you direct permission and are not expecting email from you specifically.

I rented a list contacts

No. We do not allow any form of paid or rented list. It does not matter if the seller claimed it was opt-in nor how much you spent on the list. Paid lists are not allowed in any form.

Still not sure about your list?

Typically if you think your list may not be ok -- it likely is not ok. But if you would like to check with us simply send us a message with details about your list, how contacts confirmed their subscription, etc. and we will get back to you right away.

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